About Me

” It’s the greatest feeling knowing that because I choose to be different, imperfect and authentic, because I was passionate with purpose and a pure heart, because I had the courage to believe in myself and my dreams, others were inspired to do the same.” – Lani Gelera


Proudly BC born and raised, I grew up in the Lower Mainland of Greater Vancouver, surrounded by countless snow-covered mountains and crystal freshwater lakes on the Pacific Northwest coast of the Salish Sea. Currently living in the Recreation Capital of Canada – Squamish, BC, the sea to sky lifestyle was calling to me.


It’s taken more than half my life to overcome an adverse adolescence and early independence from my family. I began my spiritual journey of personal growth younger than most, as a teenager. I’ve realized early in life that everything happens for a reason and if we can take a lesson from every experience, we are still winning the game of life.


After working for a long and tedious year as a Computer Information System Analyst with a four-year college diploma in Computer Programming, I decided that I didn’t want to work indoors, behind a computer, commuting to the city every day, having to wear nylons. Sometimes we learn about what we really want in life by figuring out what we don’t want. What I really wanted was the opportunity to live a life full of adventure, new experiences, to follow my own heart, follow my own dreams and never again participate in the rat race with the masses. I just don’t believe I was born to work every day doing something I don’t love, pay taxes and then die. So, I decided to become a Fitness Instructor at sea and travel around the world for three years working onboard luxury cruise ships. Life at sea was everything I imagined it would be. In a different country every day, new friends, new languages, new experiences, always changing. The only thing consistent in life at sea was that nothing ever stayed the same, and even that can get tiresome after awhile. When 9/11 happened, I was in Greece and decided it was time to come home. The world didn’t feel safe at the time and my heart had a burning desire to plant some roots and start building a life of my own on land.


Enjoying adventures in the mountains, physically challenging myself, travelling and learning about different cultures, saying yes to opportunities and overcoming physical and emotional fears have become a part of who I am to the core of my being. These are all things that I hope to promote, encourage and inspire in others as well. As a powerful and magnificent manifestor, I was able to create my dream career as a natural progression of the life I was already living and in perfect timing.


Since 2001, I have been pursuing, training and actively working as a Professional Stuntwoman in TV/Film in Hollywood North. Utilizing my wide skills set developed growing up in BC, with a background in gymnastics and martial arts, experience training as a Fitness Instructor, ability to calmly control and overcome my fears and with a desire to live an authentic and abundant life, I have been successful by all of my own measures and continues to grow, learn, expand and evolve every day with love.


Now, more than anything, I want to be a contribution to my community. I wanna be the change I want to see in the world and make a difference in the lives of others. What I really lacked as a teenager was guidance, a role model or mentor and now, I strive to empower other women and be a role model for young teens that need someone to look up to. I want the young adults of the world to realize their own unlimited potential and know how truly powerful they already are. I encourage future generations to believe and trust in themselves, learn to follow their own intuition and have the courage to go after their own amazing dreams.