Shine: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success over Adversity

May 2017 – Squamish, BC – Lani Gelera, a BC West Coast native, is a successful professional Stuntwoman in TV/Film, an experiential Entrepreneur and a compassionate advocate for empowering young women everywhere to follow their hearts and know their own self-worth. She became an Amazon best-selling author with the release of her new co-authored book for women of all ages everywhere just released on Amazon.


Shortly after the release, the book became a huge success on Amazon. Shine was named a Hot New Release in the following categories: Inspirational Books, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Social Sciences, Business Ethics, Management and Leadership, Women Writers, Business Life/Ethics, and Business Life.


Together, Lani and her co-authors pooled their respective years of experience in life and business to create a definitive “how-to” guide for women entrepreneurs that are facing adversity and life challenges.


As a professional Stuntwoman in TV/Film, Lani shares how the life challenges she faced growing up have forged her into the strong, independent, courageous and confident woman she has become. In sharing her story of overcoming adversity Lani explains how important it is for us all to believe in our own value and self-worth in order for us to realize our unlimited potential and accomplish our career goals and lifelong dreams.

I was honored to be chosen as a co-author in this book and excited about the opportunity to share my story in a way that might inspire others to believe in themselves, take chances, overcome their fears and learn the important life lessons. I never actually expected this book to become a best seller but I wasn't surprised considering the collaboration of authentic powerful women authors and the impact of the genuine stories they are sharing. I'm very grateful to be a part of such a positive message and inspiration to others. - Lani Gelera


Everything and everyone that comes into your life can teach you something about who you are. Overcoming adversity is about understanding that every life challenge is an assignment that you can grow from. Healing takes time and happens on many different levels and in different forms.


We all have challenges in life. We all have lessons to learn. To share our story and a part of ourselves is to empower each other knowing we are all the same, we can overcome and we are never alone.


Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success over Adversity is available on in Paperback and Kindle