The Brave Ascending Human Consciousness




By now, most have come to the realization that we are indeed in the middle of WW3. It’s a spiritual and psychological war and the enemy’s greatest weapons are our own fear, despair, hatred and anger that they use against us. This is how they control us, with the lower energetic vibrations of our own emotions and perception of reality.

In order for humanity to wake up and become aware of mind control and manipulation, we all have to go within and do our own healing work. We must all walk the warrior’s path and endure the dark night of the soul. The greatest difference each and every one of us can make on this planet is to heal ourselves and empower ourselves with our own divine truth, purpose and passion in life.

All of the authors in this book have courageously answered the calling to step up and do their part in helping humanity heal, expand their awareness and purposefully ascend human consciousness!

These stories are meant to inspire, empower and activate the third eye chakra. Because when we wake up and become more aware, the only divine path forward is the one we have chosen for ourselves.

Are you ready to listen to your own divine guidance and discover your true path and purpose in life? Are you ready to bravely ascend human consciousness?

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