The Brave Courage During Covid



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Foreword by Susan Stanfield


Of all the human traits, bravery might just be the most important going forward. Compassion, yes. Open- mindedness, certainly. Humour, without question. Those are all highly valuable human traits that make life worth living. However, bravery holds a unique and timely space for all Canadians right now in the spring of 2021, to challenge us to rise up despite our fears so we can all be brave in the face of growing tyranny. Being brave is how we’re going to win our freedoms back, one person, one voice, one moment at a time.


So what exactly is bravery? How does it manifest, and how can we nurture this crucial human trait? Most people may not have paid much attention to bravery in Canada, as we’ve enjoyed one of the highest qualities of life on Earth for many decades. We have, until now, been mostly a rich and free nation protected from tyranny by our social and intellectual institutions, which are now under vicious attack. We’ve not needed to be very brave. All this changed last March when our government chose not to protect our freedoms. Swiftly, the process began of removing them in collusion with foreign and domestic shareholders in a highly organized scheme of crime known in legal terms as ‘by proxy high treason,’ occupying Canada in a Coup D’Etat. Some of us were brave from the start when we saw this happening; others have stepped into their bravery over the last thirteen months.


This is what I know about bravery.


Bravery is the outward expression of the human soul calling out to safeguard others in moments of crisis. These moments can be bold and striking, or they can be tiny and hushed. There is no rulebook for bravery, no qualifying degree or list to follow. It is quite simply the dormant emotion of justice that lies within us all. We are all brave somewhere inside of us, which is why this book is so important. I was extremely honoured to be asked to contribute to The Brave; I knew immediately it would become a catalyst for change in Canada to inspire others to step into moments of their own bravery one person, one moment at a time. Story has the power to do that which is the archetype of the hero, the one who shows bravery in the face of adversity or injustice and inspires us to believe in humanity despite great odds surrounding us all over the world.


Bravery is the child in Africa who walks hours a day to a makeshift schoolroom so they can receive an education. Bravery is also the parent who foregoes seeing their children so they can put food on the table. And bravery is the woman who drops off clothing to a woman’s shelter. These are moments of bravery when we think beyond our personal needs and act for the benefit of humanity, and it is the foundation of all human rights advocacy, to use ourselves no matter what the consequences so we can help and protect others.


This beautiful book is full of stories of people who have expressed unusually high levels of bravery over the past year to expose the fraud of COVID in Canada. We have been silenced, shamed, assaulted, slandered, disowned, arrested, stalked, and humiliated by a system so corrupt it seeks only to protect it’s self-interest and not us, everyday Canadians who are now victim of it. Every person in this book was chosen for their incredible story of bravery, and I hope you take the time to read each one slowly with contemplation about how you, too, can be brave despite any fears you may have.


As you read these stories, you may think I couldn’t do that, and I assure you yes, you can. None of us thought we could do the things we have done for more than a year, but we did. We still are, and we are all much stronger and more humble people as a result of our acts of bravery. That is one of the very unknown results of bravery – humility – because it softens us and forces us to connect with others in ways we never did before. Bravery is an incredible privilege and honour and, should you be ready to step into your own moment of bravery, you too will be forever changed for the better.


When I started the No More Lockdowns lawful protest march movement on April 12th, 2020 at Vancouver City Hall, I had no idea how brave I would be forced to become and how compassionate the experience would make me. What I did know was that someone had to tell our story one day, which is now happening thanks to Lani. Her book series is a natural evolution of our exploding human rights movement across Canada, and it’s going to create a known and lasting record of our efforts. This is extremely important in human rights work, that others bear witness to injustice and those who stand up to protect others. In humanitarian work we call this ‘temoignage’ or to bear witness. Now we have this record. All of our bravery is going to travel yet again around the world thanks to Lani inspiring a whole new generation of people who will begin to step into their own bravery so they can protect themselves and their loved ones.


If you want to be brave but think you’re too afraid, try to remember this … the moment you speak out, the instant you go into action, you will be forever changed for the better, and you will never be afraid again. In fact, you will know what every person in this book also knows – that you were only afraid of fear itself.


Let your soul guide you. That is where all bravery dwells.


Susan Standfield

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