Squamish Adventure Stories

Squamish Adventure Stories

Living in Sea to Sky Country of the Pacific Northwest corner of BC is not only an adventurers paradise but the perfect training ground for all physical endeavours. This is where I get to test myself and my limits with mother nature’s very own wilderness boot camp in my own back yard. I love challenging myself in different ways in the backcountry, on mountain tops, on rivers and through canyons year round! The outdoor activity list is long in the Recreational Capital of Canada. The only thing I love more than grounding myself in the majestic mountains is writing about my adventures in the Taste of Squamish Magazine.


Here are a few of the articles I have written to date:

2018 Winter Edition – Happiness over Squamish


A brief description of the Highlinning community that has grown over the years on top of the Stawamus Cheif, recognizing it as a world-class destination for the sport, having found happiness over Squamish.



Photo by Anthony Boulay
Canyoneerers and Photos by Marian Treger, Lani Gelera, Martin Biskup and Kubo Dubsky.

2019 Summer Edition – Chasing Waterfalls


A first-hand rookie account of my canyoneering adventure across the Squamish River and chasing waterfalls down Box Canyon.



2019 Winter Edition – Elfin Lakes Adventure


An honest account of what I will and will not do again next time I venture off into the snow-covered mountains to spend a cold winter night in a remote backcountry cabin with friends.



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