The Wolves I Fear

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The Wolves I Fear

I’ve kept a dream journal for most of my life.

I believe you can learn a lot about yourself from dream analysis over the years. I was in my early 20’s, before I became a Stuntwoman, when I had this dream and wrote about The Wolves I Fear.  

I’m sharing this dream again because it describes how my fears were brought to my attention and why I decided to face them.  The amazing, adventurous and bold life less ordinary I have lived since then is but one possibility of what we can achieve when we find the courage to overcome our fears.

In my dream…

A pack of wolves are following me through thick forest at night. The moon’s glow casts mysterious shadows through the trees that seem to be following me as well. Alone, I stumble over thick roots and rocks, past ferns, wet moss, and through a raging creek.

I feel like I am being chased. I can feel their eyes on me, stalking me. I never get a good look at one of them but every time I turned around I catch a glimpse of their shadow close by. They seemed to be all around me, encircling me. I start to run away and I can feel one of them running after me. I don’t stop to look or turn around but their presence was omnipotent and menacing.

I see an old building in the distance and run toward it for refuge, trying to escape the wolves I fear. As I approach the large wooden front door, I can feel the wolves in pursuit not far behind. Reaching the door terrified, I burst through and slam it behind me, just in time as they were on my heels.

I forget to breathe as I listen through the door trying to hear a sound but there is nothing, complete silence. I turn around and find myself in a huge, empty, dark building at the end of a long hallway with rooms on both sides.  The moonlight cast a shadow on the hallway floor through the trees outside as the branches sway in the wind. A wolf slowly walks out of the room farthest from me. It’s moving towards me as the moonlight catches its eyes. Almost completely frozen with fear, I force myself to myself to dash toward the closest room and again slam the door behind me at the last second before the wolf reache me.

At this point I feel terrorized, narrowly escaping once again, I turn around only to see that I’m now in a huge dark room with numerous doors. I start walking through the room, only to find another wolf entering the room in front of me. As it approaches me, I turn and run again, feeling tormented and fearful. Scrambling for safety toward another open door, which I would once again slam against the snout of the approaching wolf. 

And this kept going on and on, always turning and running away, terrified. 

I awoke from this dream…

feeling afraid, confronted and challenged. I immediately wrote down everything I remembered from the dream and how I experienced it in as much detail as I could recall.

The most important message in any dream is in how it makes you feel. All characters in a dream are not necessarily who they literally appear to be; more importantly, they represent or symbolize different aspects of you, the dreamer. What did these wolves symbolize to me?

The wolves represented something that I feared. They symbolized FEAR itself. I was afraid of them simply because they were Wolves. The Wolves in my dream were never growling at me. They never bared their teeth or showed aggressive behaviour. They were just wolves. Because of that alone, they frightened me. So what did I do? I ran away from them and kept slamming doors to escape my fears.

Never once in my dream did I turn around and stand up to face my fear head-on. This was the most valuable lesson that the wolves gave me. Fears are always going to be around me. Given the chance to run away or face them, I need to turn around and confront my fears, to find out what they are all about. This dream kept happening over and over again because it was trying to bring my attention to something that I was afraid of, that I wasn’t facing, and that I really needed to address in my life.

Who knows what would have happened if I just turned around, looked that wolf in the eye, and said, “What’s up, dude? Why do you keep following me like that?” Maybe he would have just disappeared. Or maybe he would have given me the next 6/49 numbers.

As a Professional Stuntwoman in TV/Film …

I’m confronted with things that I fear on a regular basis whether it’s physical fears in my career as a Stuntwoman or uncomfortable social situations, public speaking in front of groups of people or acting in front of a camera.  Fears of rejection, judgement and failure are all fears that I deal with almost daily and over the years I have developed a process for Overcoming Fear that is effective and truly life-changing.

Who knows what can happen when you face your fears? This realm of unknown possibilities is one reason why I love all of my dreams: the good, the bad, and the terrorizing. I believe that dreams are our connection to the unconscious mind. They are the gateway to another realm and dimension, where we can receive guidance, inspiration, clairvoyance, and messages from our higher selves, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed.

Please leave a comment below describing your greatest fears in life. How would your life be different if you could overcome your fears and live the life you have imagined?

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  • John Bridge
    Posted at 02:06h, 04 June Reply

    Over coming the fear of success
    I’ve done a lot of things in this life most I’ve Concurred and moved on to something new.
    But some I just can’t seem to get past a certain barrier.
    Business, home, companionships
    Al things I’m trying to sort out as I grow
    I’m finding with reading again it’s sure helps.

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