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Training for Adventure  With mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and kiting at my doorstep, it’s easy to get lost playing in the wilderness.  My playtime is always a workout all year round. When it comes to training for my line of work, I need some specialized coaching to keep me focused, fit and injury free. This is the kind of multi-functional cross-training and coaching that I receive at the Wild Life Gym.

Training To Be Ready for Anything As a Professional Stuntwoman, I’ve developed my career around multiple skills and activities. I’ve always considered myself a Jill of all Trades. I’m kinda good at a lot of things, but not a master at anything in particular, except falling down. It really is a crazy way to earn a living. If you’re going to make a career out of doing stunts then you have to be brave, skilled and tough enough to handle the bumps and bruises (sometimes hair loss). Without proper training, body awareness, flexibility, strength and mental fortitude, you risk injuring yourself, or in some cases injuring others. Although superficial injuries come with the job, nobody wants to get seriously hurt. It is never worth any amount of money to break a bone, suffer a concussion, or god forbid worse. In this respect, stunts in TV/Film Industry are really all about safety and telling the story with minimal injuries. The type of training I choose to do for my career is important to properly prepare me for anything and prevent injury.

Training with Professionals As a former fitness instructor myself, that has been an athlete for the past 30 years, I am familiar with many different training techniques, methods and philosophies. I also know the value of having an experienced personal training coach to motivate and instruct me thru a personalized program, along with diet recommendations designed to accomplish my specific fitness and health goals.

The real physical training begins when I want to stop.  Pushing past my own perceived excuses and limitations is where a quality Personal Trainer comes in.

Why I Love Training at Wild Life Gym For the past couple of months, I’ve been training with Steve and Tiera Wilson at Wild Life Gym in Squamish, BC. With all the training facilities and options to workout in the Sea to Sky corridor, I wanna share what I love most about my experience training at the Wild Life Gym.

5 Reasons I Love Training at Wild Life Gym


Versatility and Ultimate cross-training.

With more than 30 various group training classes available a week, most of the exercises utilize barbells, kettlebells, balls, bands and body weight in constantly varied and challenging workout programs. This type of full body all inclusive ever-changing workout compliments my mountain adventure lifestyle.


Ready for Anything.

When I show up to work on set, I don’t always know exactly what I’m going to be doing on the day. Unless it requires a specific skill or rehearsals to learn choreography, I’m excepted to be in great physical shape in order to do whatever I need for the scene. By training at Wild Life Gym, I’m able to prepare my core stability, coordination, flexibility, speed, balance and overall strength for most anything I might be asked to do. Whether I’m getting into a fight with five monsters at once, hanging upside down in a harness 200 feet off the side of a building or climbing a 40-foot tree with a 40lb camera rig on my head, it’s important that I feel physically ready for anything to a good job on the day.


Injury Prevention.

Attention to healthy joint mobility and longevity through CARs (Controlled Articulated Rotations) builds strong joints to prevent injuries and promote freedom of movement. I fall down for a living and it’s important that my body is limber and durable enough to go as many times as it takes to get the shot done. I know how to fall on to my back and utilize my pads effectively when my wardrobe allows.  Injury prevention and safety are important to me for body maintenance and squeezing another decade or two out of my career.


Activating Proper Muscles.

A couple years ago I drove across Canada and sat on my ass for 10 hours, 7 days in a row. My bum went numb and I suffered a pseudo sciatica called piriformis syndrome. This was uncomfortable for a long time and without realizing it the pain turned my gluteus medius off and the rest of my gluteal muscles started overcompensating. Within a short evaluation period, Steve was able to recognize this muscle malfunction and started coaching me thru exercises to isolate and activate the correct muscles for movement, increasing overall strength.


The Instructors Walk Their Talk.

Steve and Tiera are experienced in their field and very knowledgeable about current fitness training trends, nutrition and methods that work and have been tried and tested by themselves with great results. They motivate and inspire  their clients with integrity and lead by example promoting healthy, fit, fun and active lifestyles.  They truly live the Wild Life.

Highly Recommended Training for Life in the Sea to Sky Corridor I’m grateful that The Wild Life chose Squamish as their new home and I highly suggest this facility for anyone that loves having the energy and strength to live an active sea to sky lifestyle. Also, anyone trying to recover from injuries or re-learning foundational movement. And with a friendly community atmosphere, the Wild Life Gym is also the perfect place for anyone that wants to get back into healthy shape with nutritional advice along with fun and challenging workouts.

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